Ambato: a city to explore and thrill

Our Suite SA Strategic Adviser arrived at Universidad Tecnológica Indoamerica (UTI) to optimize the institution’s management. We at Interact know the ICU headquarters and are surprised by a rich culture.

Ecuador is the third country with the highest number of active volcanoes in the world. Today, it has approximately 80. Three of them (Chimborazo, Cotopaxi and Tungurahua) are in Ambato, a city with 350 thousand inhabitants, located two hours from Quito, the country’s capital. We embarked on this adventure. More than doing good business, we are enchanted with the local culture.

Founded in 1698, Ambato is the capital of the province of Tungurahua, one of the main tourist cities in Ecuador and the birthplace of renowned women who carry the title of national queens. One of the most famous was Ana de Peralta, Ecuadorian who protested in 1752 against the Royal Cédula, issued by the kings of Spain, for prohibiting mixed-race women from wearing indigenous and Spanish costumes. This was the first women’s movement in Ecuadorian history.

The city is also remembered for overcoming a tragedy that occurred in 1949, when an earthquake practically devastated the entire city and neighboring Latacunga, Riobamba and Guaranda, leaving a balance of 5,000 dead. To transform this reality, the population began to remember the date in a symbolic way, creating the Festival of Fruits and Flowers, which takes place annually. In 2018, the sixty-seventh edition was held.

Other cultural facts highlight Ambato in Ecuador. The Tungurahua capital is the land of the poet and writer Juan León Mera, author of the National Anthem of Ecuador. The city was also the first in the country and one of the first in South America to receive, in 1755, a movable type press, a pioneer machine for printing newspapers and books, brought by the Jesuit priest José María Maugeri. Until 1808, presses were prohibited by the Portuguese court in Brazil.

Monumento a la Primera Imprenta, in honor of José María Maugeri’s movable type press

Learn about the success story with the BPM module of the Universidad Tecnologica Indoamerica, from Ecuador

These historical events reinforce Ambato’s cultural power and are reflected in the present number of universities in the city. Currently, there are seven, among which stands out the Universidad Tecnológica Indoamerica, also based in Quito. According to data from the Ecuadorian government, it ranks among the best universities in the country and boasts the best extension program at the national level.

Committed to maintaining the current category of accreditation, category B by CEAACES (Consejo de Evaluación, Acreditación y Aseguramiento de la Calidad de la Educación Superior), Universidad Tecnológica Indoamerica acquired in 2016 the Suite SA Strategic Adviser in order to accompany the Planning Strategic, the tactical management of its Projects and the operationalization of its Processes.

Ambato presents us with its rich culture and a people willing to fight to achieve the best for their country. To implant our platform in one of its best universities is a source of pride. We understand that technology continues with this objective: to narrow borders, add improvements and enrich cultures.

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