Outside In Process: Adopting the customer focus

The importance of adopting a point of view of analysis, design and performance management of processes with the customer’s view “from the outside in”

The discipline of BPM evolved from Deming’s work on statistical process control and more recently from Hammer with process reengineering. Quality management, through certification standards and evaluation systems such as the Malcolm Baldrige Award and the National Quality Award, is also close to process management. It is worth mentioning the difference between process management and process management. Process management indicates that the objective of management is the process, that is, the management of an isolated process, its performance measurement, its bottlenecks and its deliveries. Process management, on the other hand, seeks to manage the overall result of processes, indicating a vision and culture based on processes.

BPM has a fundamental premise in its implementation: delivering value to the customer. Of course, there are processes that support and manage the primary processes, but it is through these that the organizational objectives will be achieved and where the generation of value for the customer will be realized.

A process-oriented company is well aware of what we call “Moments of Truth”, also known as the customer journey. Moment of truth is any and all moment when the client comes into contact with the organization or with any information from the organization.

Source: CBOK, 2013

To be successful in the customer journey, the process-oriented organization must adopt an Outside In perspective, that is, adopt a process performance analysis, design and management perspective with the customer’s view “from the outside in”. Unlike the traditional view (inside out) which is the organization that determines what adds value to the customer (value chain), the disruptive vision of Outside In manages the perception of value, based on what the customer sees as value and not what the company determines.

The main challenge of process management is to be able to put organizations at the service of their customers, generating value for them through processes with an Outside In view.

This approach has a direct influence in the sense of process modeling. While the Inside Out vision is concerned with defining the steps for the organization to deliver a product or service, modeling the process from an identified problem, the Outside In vision is focused on generating value and solving problems.

Source: CBOK, 2013

Outside In process is the customer’s focus. It is the experience of using the product or service. Processes modeled on the outside-in view happens when we adopt the customer’s perception, we put ourselves in the customer’s place, it is to walk the customer’s journey, experiencing the moments of truth, seeking to understand what really adds value to the customer. This is transformation of processes.

Remembering … BPM is a journey, not a destination.

Anderson Pereira CBPP, CAPM, MBA-FGV
Business Director – Interact Unit Excellence

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