Interact dispose of several components that, in addition with the applications, add more productivity and yield to your business. All of them are avaliable and integrated with other SA Suite's products.


With the tool you can create dashboards that inform the organization's strategy, providing greater visibility of performance.

The panels aim to encourage the perception of synergistic opportunities and speed the communication, decision making, actions and management achievement.

Slide show creation developed exclusively for Suite SA.

It enables the user to generate reports with almost all information contained in the SA, regardless of the reports of each module.

The component starts from the premise that, after asking 5 times the reason for a problem, it is possible to determine the cause, relating it to the previous one.

It allows the analysis for management and strategic planning of a corporation or company, and, due to its simplicity, can be used for any type of scenario analysis.

It allows the visualization of the several causes that are in the origin of any problem or a result that you intend to improve.

It allows the char analysis of the risks identified in the organization.

Enables real-time performance monitoring with direct access to the base. The user chooses which data to display through a chart.

It offers to the user an efficient analysis from a large data volume through a dynamic compose of tables, crossing datas and filters of relevance information.

By using BPMN notation elements it is possible to model workflows according to a set of defined rules.

Enables the visualization of all the project scope in a single image in a collaborative development.

Describe the analysis of a risk situation examining all the paths of causes until the consequence.

Identify failures, hazards and possible losses by identifying and eliminating the chances of error.

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