Interact has in your corporative philosofy the valorization of the best praticles of the social responsability. In a sistematic and continuous way, social campaigns are created in benefits of the comunity where we are based, obeying all the government precepts. We concern on human and professional development of the people integrated, as well as the actions to the dissemination of these to all the interested parts.

Continuos social actions

Campaing: Happy Christmas

Start: 2006  |  Annually, an organization receives toys and/or food donated by our employees. We have already donated to more than 8 organizations and hundreds of children were benefited.

Campaing: Pink October

Start: 2016  |  Campaing promoted with our employees, every year, to promote the awareness of the self-examination.

Campaing: Movember

Start: 2016 Campaing promoted with our employees, every year, to promote the awareness of the early diagnosis.

Campaing: Donate A Story

Start: 2013  |  Through an annual campaign from its employees, Interact has already donated 202 books to local public libraries and  charities

Winter Clothing Donation

Start: 2008 |  Every year an organisation is adopted and clothing are donated by employees to be given to charity. Until now, we have already donate 1.468 pieces among clothes, shoes and blankets.

Sports Incentive Actions

Start: 2008 |  Beyond the participation, annually, of the International Challenge Day,  Interact promotes volleyball and football matches, keep agreement with local gyms and sponsors teams and athletes in championships.

Campaing: International Food's Day

Start: 2017 |  Interact is always reinforcing the non-waste of food. Actions are promoted every year on the International Food Day in order to reinforce the importance of the cause.

Campaing: Blood Donation

Start: 2016  |  Frequently we reinforce with all the employees the importance of be a blood donator. This campaign is promoted frequently.

World Water Day

Start: 2017 |  We support the participation of the Viva o Taquari Vivo local campaign to promote the preservation of Taquari River, which cuts the town sede da Interact.

Environment Week

Start: 2011  |  Annual campaign to support the environment preservation. In the last edition, tree seedlings were given to our employees to plant and care.

Electronic Trash Collection

Start: 2008  |  We have collection points to discard materials such as batteries.

Recycling of Materials

Start: 2009  |  Interact has a collection point to discard recyclable materials, such as  sealing of cans and caps.

Special Projects

Seeking to encourage and strengthen management excellence, Interact has supported some philanthropic institutions through special projects.

Environmental Policy

Interact is committed to the environment in all its activities, from the creation of solutions to the use of the technology generated. Since 2008, Interact has an Environmental Policy in order to guide the reduction of impacts of its activities and contribute to the preservation of the planet.

In all our actions, we commit ourselves to:


Being environmentally responsible in the local communities where we operate, acting on the correction of occurrences that can be harmful to health, security or environment, denouncing to the authorities and affected parts when necessary.


Ensuring that the work environment be safe and healthy, keepping our employees trained to emergency situations and ensuring that the security and emergency equipments are provided and in perfect conditions of use.


Using materials that do not harm the environment, reusing or recycling whenever possible or discarding correctly.


Making responsable use of natural and energetics resources in all our processess, giving preferences to renewable energy sources whenever possible, improving the energy efficiency and decreasing the consumption.


Using Interact's services and products to support the development of solutions to environmental problems of the companies where we operate.

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Copyright © 1999 - 2019 by Interact Solutions. | |  0800 643 5100