Our solutions were created from deep studies of the global methodologies and best practices. These tools follow several criterias and recomendations, supporting the companies in the search for accreditations or certifications.

Quality Management

Interact has a solution based to the continuous learning cycle (PDCA / PDCL), which allows you to manage an efficient Quality Management System in line with the Corporate Governance.

3P's Office

Interact integrated in the same environment tools to automate the offices of PLANNING, PROCESSES AND PROJECTS, making possible the alignment of the strategy to the operation of your company.

Compliance & Risk Management

The solution Compliance & Risk Management from Interact offers the best of technology to the management of your Compliance programm. Ensure that legal norms and security policies are complied eficiently and contribue in a significative wat to the culture development, sustentability and strength of your organization's brand.

Process Management

Interact has the ideal solution for Process Management, based on a set of disciplines   Business Process Management (BPM). Gain in efficiency, resources improvement and automatization of communication among areas in your company.

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Copyright © 1999 - 2019 by Interact Solutions. | info@interact.com.br |  0800 643 5100