Research reveals that 95.6% of customers indicate Interact

In March of this year, Interact conducted an extensive customer satisfaction survey. The consultation is part of the company’s continuous improvement process, in order to listen to users’ opinions and understand which areas can be improved, both in terms of software and in terms of customer service and support. Customers from all over Latin America participated in this edition.

As a result, 95.6% of the customers who responded to the survey said they indicated Interact and Suite SA, software for corporate governance developed by the research and product development company in Lajeado (RS). The consultation took place anonymously, through the SA Survey Manager, the system’s survey module.

The importance of Suite SA to customers was another highlight of the survey. In total, 82% of respondents who responded that they use the software daily. In the opinion of Vinícius Flôres, from Interact’s Communication and Marketing area, this data underscores the importance of the Interact system for clients in the good performance of their activities.

Since 2006, Interact has been carrying out customer satisfaction surveys. In a work that began in 2019, the survey was remodeled to a more assertive format, with contributions from leaders from all areas of the company. From a single model for all customers, more targeted surveys were adopted for three audiences:

SA Experts: Main Suite AS users. Customers who need Interact technology on a daily basis to develop their activities

Strategic Managers: Customers responsible for the acquisition of Suite SA. They tend to occupy leading positions in their companies.

IT Contacts: Professionals responsible for installing and updating Suite SA at the client’s bases.

Satisfaction growth

In one progression, Interact’s customer satisfaction level has grown by 7.7 percentage points over the past six years. In 2015, customers were 87.9% satisfied with the company’s product and services and, in 2021, this amount rose to 95.6%.

95,6% dos clientes indicam a Interact

The 2021 Customer Satisfaction Survey was a joint effort of different teams, represented by Arlete Wasem (Administration and Finance Supervisor), Fabiana Brugmann (Customer Project Supervisor), Fernando Estrada (International Business Director), Jamine Dornelles (Consultant of Customer Projects), Lucas Bellin (Product and Development Manager), Vanusa Pierret (Customer Support Supervisor) and Vinícius Flôres (Communication and Marketing Coordinator).

Interact thanks all customers who participated in the satisfaction survey. With this bridge built, the possibility of continuous improvement of its processes was created, strengthening the contact between customer and company.

95,6% dos clientes indicam a Interact

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