Interact Solutions completes 22 years with a focus on innovation and team development

In August Interact Solutions turns 22 years. With more than 100 people on its team, the company that develops Suite SA – corporate governance software – has as main goal for the coming years the investment in innovation and constant improvement of its products.

To this end, it dedicates more than half of its team to the development of new management tools. The other part of the employees focuses on customized projects to customers and system corrections, with strict control of product quality and agile solutions.

For Interact product manager Lucas Bellin, the company has been constantly evolving since its inception. “There were many proofs of concept, technology assessments, methodology studies, customer requests and units and internal insights from the entire Interact team. Today, 22 years later, Suite SA continues to evolve for another 22 years. Keeping up to date, focusing on safety and usability without ever failing to innovate”, he says.

TS Lab Inauguration

Interact’s first act commemorating the 22nd anniversary of interact brought together all of the company’s leaders in a new space, named TS Lab. The initiative aimed to honor one of Interact’s founding partner, Thomas Spriestersbach (in memoriam), a key player and today a symbol of the institution’s constant innovation. The site was designed to encourage the spirit of innovation in all areas of the company.

During the celebration, a portrait was placed with Thomas’s photograph, as a way for the company to remember and be constantly inspired by the partner’s passion for developing new projects, technologies and solutions. In this tribute, his wife, Maria Tereza Spriestersbach, received flowers, a painting of the company and also many words of gratitude, was present.

 From Lajeado to the world

Present in 12 Latin American countries, Interact has conquered last year markets such as mining, with Chinalco, a Chinese customer based in Peru, and construction, such as Jaramillo Mora of Colombia, one of the largest construction companies in that country. In the Brazilian market, the software developer trails paths with contracts and partnerships of weight, serving more than 45 Unimeds, 11 of the 35 best hospitals in Brazil and two of the best hospitals in the world, according to newsweek’s 2021 ranking.

In addition, the public sector is also part of Interact’s client card serving, for example, the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, in addition to the Federal Data Processing Service (Serpro). More recently, the Municipality of Lajeado (RS), land of origin of Interact, has closed a great partnership with the acquisition of suite SA solutions to improve public management.

The company’s important achievements are due to management for continuous improvement, made by the hands of local talents. The result of the work of this large team could be measured in the Customer Satisfaction Survey, conducted in March of this year. The study found that 95.6% of customers who responded to the survey showed widespread satisfaction, saying they indicate Interact and Suite SA. The importance of Suite SA to customers was another highlight of the research. In total, 82% of the participants who responded that they use the software daily.

In the same way, in April 2021 the company went through a big leap in technology when launching version 8.0 of Suite SA. The renewal strengthened the security of the software, and made available to users more options of tools, with even more usability and efficiency.

Management events

Over the past year, Interact has provided several events focused on corporate governance. Among them, there were two editions of BPM Week Masterclass, an intensive process management course that brought together about 120 participants from 11 countries. The webinars exclusively in Brazil, had as their theme, for example, the General Data Protection Law and the regulatory of Brazilian’s National Health Surveillance Agency, which recognizes Suite SA as a software supplier compatible with the legal requirements of drug manufacturers.

Searching new talents

With a focus on expanding a market beyond Latin America, Interact is looking for new employees to strengthen its growth and product development. There are open vacancies for the most diverse sectors, such as international business, customer projects, support, quality, development and product design. Interested parties can check out more details of each vacancy on the

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