Conference with Daniel Wildt opens Interact Innovation Week

This Tuesday, the 19th, there is a double celebration in the technology sector: the Day of Innovation and the Professional Day of Information Technologies. Attentive to the importance of this agenda, Interact Solutions promotes Innovation Week between the 18th and the 22nd. Among the activities, on Tuesday morning there was a conference open to the public, with Daniel Wildt, an expert in innovation and agile methods.

The meeting, broadcast via Youtube and Interact social networks, was attended by more than 150 people, who listened and discussed the theme “Innovation should not be a special skill”. Throughout his speech, Wildt stressed the importance of professionals understanding that the innovation process goes through several phases. “Normally an idea is accompanied by fears and uncertainties, evolves in assumptions, generates learning throughout the process and, when the person realizes, will already be, in fact, performing several actions,” he summarizes.

In the same vein, the professional showed the culture of perfection, which leads people to postpone plans because they never feel sufficiently prepared. “The thought of perfection is a very big utopia. The world is dynamic, things change all the time. And here that old maxim makes a lot of sense: fact is better than perfect, after all, at the end of the day what is really worth is what you really did,” he explains.
The video of the conference is available to the public on the Youtube channel of interact, see:

More about Daniel Wildt

Daniel Wildt is an expert in product and service development, with teams focused on learning, continuous improvement and autonomy. He is currently a partner and mentor of Wildtech and The first company offers courses and consultancies in Agile Methods, Entrepreneurship and User Experience (UX). The company has become the national leader in the creation of applications for companies.

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