TS Lab is Interact's new innovation space

Last Tuesday, the 3rd, there was the inauguration of a new space of Interact, the TS Lab, a laboratory created in honor of the company’s founding partner, Thomas Spriestersbach (in memoriam). The opening of the new room was the first act in celebration of Interact’s 22nd anniversary.

At the time, all the company leaders gathered, accompanied by Thomas’ wife, Maria Teresa Spriestersbach, who spoke about her husband’s passion for technology and for all Interact employees, whom he affectionately called “children”. “Thomas was the kind of person who slept with a problem and woke up with a solution. He loved teaching and even more learning,” she says.

At her side, the two directors of Interact, Fábio Frey and João Alex Fritsch, also spoke. “Thomas’ legacy continues here and the opening of the TS Lab symbolizes the continuity of the innovative spirit that will always stay alive within Interact,” Fábio said.Fotografia da fachada do TS Lab

During the celebration, a picture was placed with Thomas’s photograph, as a way for the company to remember and be constantly inspired by the partner’s passion for developing new projects, technologies and solutions. As a form of thanks, Maria Teresa received flowers, a painting of the company and also many words of gratitude.

In the sequence, the leaders of each area presented their innovation projects to the others, in rounds of 10 minutes each. In one framework, each wrote the most relevant topics that are in the planning of each sector, whether in the product, human development, service, administration or communication.

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