Managing the actions of relationship with prospects and clients is a key-strategy to fidely. Through SA Customer Manager your company can achieve these results.

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Relationship to Results

SA Customer Manager was developed to keep loyal clients through relationship actions, qualifying the management with clients and achieving great results.

Main applications

Clients Management

Activities Control


Business Opportunities

Cockpit Analysis

Complete Registration

Activities Calendar

Relationship Actions

Benefits and features

  • Client relationship management
  • Activities calendar
  • Control over the relationship actions: meetings, calls and presentations
  • Control over the customer account
  • Control over the business opportunities
  • Control over the action plans and projects with schedule and workflow
  • E-mail marketing sending to channels target by categories

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Available and complementary components

Interact has several components that, combined with applications, increase the productivity and performance of your business. All of them are available and integrated with other Suite SA products.

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Interact solutions are made up of a combination of products that work in an integrated way to meet the management demands of your company.

Client Management

Does your organization search for an effective solution for Client Management?


Success cases

The SA system came to contribute as a system of organization of information and data related to Strategic Planning, considering…

Renaldo Vieira de Souza

Renaldo Vieira de Souza

Adminitrative Pro-Rector of La Salle University - Canoas/RS

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The SA Strategic Adviser system is a practical and dynamic tool that enables total control of processes, in an integrated…

Danilo dos Santos Matos

Danilo dos Santos Matos

Quality, Strategic and Corporative Governance Manager

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