Automated strategic planning

With Interact's Strategic Management solution, you will see the results in an integrated way through strategic maps, performance indicators and action plans, providing better performance, monitoring all stages and more satisfactory results.

You can also map your business processes, with optimization and monitoring of the execution and results of your organization. Finally, in a simple and efficient way, you will automate and manage all the stages of your projects.

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Benefits and features

  • Compliance with the BSC - Balanced Scorecard methodology;
  • Adaptation to the concept Management by Guidelines;
  • Computerization of strategic, operational and organizational planning;
  • Control, management and alignment of strategic and operational indicators;
  • Reduction of the total time to implement a process, increasing the productivity of the organization;
  • Real-time monitoring and management of the organization's business processes;
  • Projects visualized with the Gantt chart;
  • Creation and monitoring of project tasks and subtasks, with hierarchies and managers;
  • Software developed with inspiration in the PMBOK criteria.

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Available and complementary components

Interact has several components that, combined with applications, increase the productivity and performance of your business. All of them are available and integrated with other Suite SA products.

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